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Game Character and Account Deletion Rules

Hello player,
If you would like to delete your account, you can contact our customer service in the game settings and delete your account according to the instructions.
Related Rules on Deletion:
1. You can choose to either delete your Koramgame account or your game characters.
2. After deleting the Koramgame account, all game data under the umbrella of Koramgame will be deleted.
3. After deleting your game character, you won’t be able to log in under said account in the game, and you will no longer be able to restore, retrieve, or view any game data information.
4. After deleting the game character, please deal with the in-game income (items, currency, monthly card, etc.) accordingly, and unprocessed income will be regarded as written-off on your own volition.
5. After deleting your game character, other players in the game will no longer see your character information, and the entire character data will be deleted or anonymized.
6. In the game, if a game account containing multiple characters is deleted, all the characters can no longer logged in or viewed, which is the same as when dealing with an account with either one or multiple characters.
7. Please confirm that there are no unfinished transactions or recharge orders in process.
8. Please confirm that your account (or all characters) is in a safe state (no hack/not banned), account password is not shared with others, and confirm that you have logged out normally.
9. If you are aware of the above guidelines, please go to Koramgame Customer Service Center to submit all relevant information and start the process of account or character deletion.
10. Customer Service Contact:
11. The relevant information to submit includes: Server, character name, verified mobile phone & email linked to the account, and other required information; our customer service staff will guide you through each step of the operation.
12. After submitting the deletion information, your account (or all characters) will be prohibited from logging in and the deletion process will begin. You have a 48-hour "hesitation period" to cancel the deletion at any time.
13. After the "hesitation period" is over and all account (or all character) information has been confirmed to be correct, we will complete the deletion within 10 working days.
14. After the characters have been deleted, you can no longer log in to the deleted character. Logging in to the game with the same account will create a new character.
15. When the account is written off, you can no longer log in, but you can re-register using the same account name.
16. Players using login means other than Koramgame, please contact the respective customer service to deal with the account or character deletion related matters.
17. Please contact email to delete your account.

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